The Trezona Group

Intelligent and creative thinking within sport

In 2018 the Trezona group of companies celebrated 20 years of business. From modest beginnings in London in 1999, the organisation has grown organically to now include four separate companies, dedicated to service our clients’ requirements in the professional sports industry globally. During that time we have also expanded our international presence, locating staff in Geneva and Singapore.

We remain exceptionally proud of establishing and then developing long term relationships with our clients. This has enabled us to respond to their ever changing problems and needs, and we remain flexible enough to adapt to any situation. As a sports focussed group, we are able to provide virtually all consultancy services to clients ranging from governing bodies, national teams, independent teams and high profile sports men & women to individuals taking the first steps into a sporting career.

We are also privileged to announce our direct involvement in the creation and management of a number of sports academies world wide. We look forward to working with you during the coming year & beyond, and take this opportunity of wishing you a safe, healthy and successful year of competition.

Guy D. Trezona - Chief Executive Officer